Live Maine Lobster (30 Pounds)

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Product Description

Live Maine lobsters, caught fresh off the boat! Famously known and loved for their sweet, tender, meaty taste. Shipped fast and fresh, the Maine lobster can be enjoyed anywhere! Chix lobsters weigh at least one pound, the smallest legal size. Typically chix are around 1.1 pounds. In the 30 pound chix box you will recvieve 26-27 live Maine lobsters. 1 1/4 pound lobsters also called quarters are at least 1.25 pounds, but typically around 1.35 pounds. In the 30 pound package you will recieve between 22-25 live Maine lobsters. Halves or 1 1/2 pound lobsters are at least 1.5 pounds, but typically about 1.65 pounds. In the 30 pound package of 1.5lb lobsters you will recieve between 18-20 live Maine lobsters. In all live lobster package, the lobsters will come in slotted styrofoam boxes filled with ice, lobsters will be tail down, claw up.

30lb Box of Chix: 26-27 count of chix lobsters per box

30lb Box of 1 1/4 Lobsters: 22-25 count of 1 1/4lb lobsters per box

30lb Box of 1 1/2 Lobsters: 18-20 count of 1 1/2lb lobsters per box

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